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Friday, May 17, 2019

How to Choose the Right Career ?

The youth of India has various options when it comes to selecting the right career and an appropriate university to study in, hence choosing the right career has always been a tough decision. The reason why we are so finicky about our career choices is that the right job will inspire you, amplify your strengths and help you to live a happy and accomplished life. While on the other hand, choosing the wrong career may leave you frustrated, dissatisfied, stressed and unhappy. Gone are the days when career choices were set at the age of 16.

Today’s Indian youth has more options for work, study, and development than ever before. Changing careers late in life has never been easy. With so many options, comes lots of possibilities and hence making up your mind can be tricky. A person may have different skills or be interested in more than one profession or job. One might have excellent teaching skills but would also love to build their own enterprise! Maybe you can’t decide which subjects to study at an undergraduate level or your final results didn’t turn out the way you hoped for. There are lots of factors for you to keep in mind while choosing the right career. We present you, a guide to choosing the career path and a university that is right for you.

How to Choose the Right Career ?

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While considering a career, your focus should be on the things you’re good at. A greater sense of enjoyment and fulfillment is achieved when working within a subject area or field you excel in, rather than choosing something you hate! Along with skills, you also need to think about what sort of work you would enjoy. Personal values also play a vital role while making a career choice. Perhaps, you love the idea of developing new drugs and medicines, hence choosing the right course for further studies at a good institute like Admission Helpline, is the step that should be considered. If you have conflicting ideas or are unsure where to begin, you can always research, which will suggest suitable job options based on your skills, personality, and values.

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Aiming high is a good thing, but being realistic is equally important. You might have been dreaming about a career path your whole life, but you realize that it isn’t working due to whatever reason. If so, don’t give up or despair as there are numerous alternatives just waiting to be explored. If you were dreaming of being a doctor since a long time but due to low scores you can’t get admission in a medical college, for instance, you can consider becoming a Nurse, which would also allow you to serve the injured and save humankind with the miracle of medical science at Admission Helpline.

  • Follow your heart to Admission Helpline!

We’ve all had career options that didn’t work out perfectly. Sometimes, even with the best will, your chosen career has not turned out the way you had hoped. But it’s never too late to retrain and embark on a new field. Changing careers has never been so easy but doing your research well and choosing the right universities can always help you make the right decision. So, if engineering left you disappointed and you have a burning desire to follow your heart and become a physiotherapist or you’d love to set up a business, study Business Administration! All in all our message is: it’s never too late and you can find all this at Admission Helpline!

Choosing the right career for you can be a tough and overwhelming process. Rather than focusing on identifying a direct path, first determine your goals, and then sync your findings with what various courses that different colleges and universities have to offer. Select a university with various options, like Admission Helpline offers various graduate and postgraduate programs including Bachelor of Visual Arts, Master of Science, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, Bachelor of Architecture & Interior Design, etc.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Career After Graduation

Engineering is one of the most popular and flourishing career these days. Find the various courses and job opportunities offered with engineering.

You could find countless career opportunities after the completion of graduation. It is the minimum requirement that most of the companies and colleges ask for before you get into them. Mere regular degree of graduation does not guarantee you attractive job offers in the market. Today a large number of multi-national companies have come up in the market and these companies prefer to recruit individuals who have some extra qualification besides the degree of graduation. Before you choose a career for yourself, you must know where does your personal interest lie? Your professional life is dependent upon the career you choose after graduation therefore, make a rational decision before you opt for a career also keeping your interest and capabilities in mind.

Career After Graduation

There is an abundance of career opportunities such as – Engineering, travel and tourism, Management studies, IT courses, sales, and marketing, just to name a few.

If you have a keen interest in the government jobs then you may appear in the entrance exam of various public sectors such as- Railways, Post offices, Government banks, Civil Services examinations, and Defense. A career in government jobs promises steady growth and job security. However, for the enthusiastic youngsters who want quick growth, promotions, exposure, attractive salary package and pay to hike the private sector is absolutely the right match for them.

Here are some most demanding career options available after graduation with us:

  • Engineering

Engineering is for those who find a technical persona in themselves. This field is not restricted to a particular branch or segment, but you can make your career in a number of sectors. Software engineering and hardware engineering both are exceptionally good for the students. The salary packages in this field are also very lucrative and you can easily get a job in any reputed organization.

  • Teaching

Teaching is another option that you could think about after your graduation. To become a teacher in government or private institute, B. Ed degree is compulsory. Earlier the remuneration of government teachers was not very appreciable but with the increase of private school, there has been a good increment in the salary packages of Government teachers as well. Besides teaching in government and private schools, you could also start your own coaching institute and teach students.

  • Management

To go for management studies like MBA is an intelligent decision after graduation. MBA degree from a recognized University opens job offers in various fields such as finance, HR, sales and marketing, and international business. Today, the market has large numbers of reputed companies which look out for MBA candidates from well-known institutes of India and abroad. The salary package of an MBA is may begin from 25 k to 1 Lakh depending upon his/her institute and qualifications.

If you want to do your post graduation in Technical work, going for the Best Engineering Colleges in India is the perfect option for you. On the other hand, enroll yourself in one of the best MBA College in India and give your career new wings

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Top B.Tech Colleges in Delhi NCR

Studying in the prominent engineering college is an ambition of every student. An institute plays a vital role in providing a good platform for students from where they can start their careers with a great enthusiasm. It can create a positive impact in the mind of employers when you begin your professional journey. Finding Best and Top B.Tech Colleges in Delhi NCR is not a typical task as there is in-depth information available in various online sources. Being the national capital of India, making your career with its colleges can definitely boost your prospects.

A number of popular engineering colleges are available in Delhi such as IMS Noida, Galgotia, Amity and ABES Engineering College. All these engineering colleges can be compared with other top colleges of the country in terms of infrastructure, faculty, programs, study environment, and placement record. Numerous public and private limited companies prefer graduates coming out from the preeminent institutions. They cover all the subjects of engineering field under one roof.

Now B.Tech becomes more popular with the passage of time due to the requirement of technology and the probable talented human resources. B.Tech prepares the students by imparting knowledge of civil engineering with its best faculties. Technological advancements have served the purpose of grooming individuals who want to join the career in engineering or its variants.

Being top engineering colleges of the national capital of India, completing the IIT degree is in itself a guarantee of employment. Most students get jobs through campus placement session. Students have numerous opportunities to work with international companies. It is one of the first reason to join these prominent colleges because here you will get the job without any struggle. The prominent organizations are the regular recruiter of these colleges because they want a potential employee for their firm.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wise Advice Tips For Parents To Handle Exam Stress Among Children

No parents likes to see his/her child in stress. How your child experiences these stress and fear may be based on his age and he/she need to learn how to deal with those feelings in a positive way.

If your child is facing an exam phobia, then its parents responsibilities to cope with their child's stress and fear of examination. Parents should be supportive and calm to deal with their child's fear and should confront their own fears as wells.

Many parents are at the stage to decide how best they can help their children manage stress and and make sure that they don't crumble under the pressure and do their best in exams.

Here are some tips to tackle stress:

Calm Down – For parents its normal to get anxious and worry for their child but its necessary to stay calm as the anger can affect the morale of the child. The best way is to remain calm & supportive and don't let your anxiety onto the child. Just provide them with a conducive and calm environment and let your child know that you are with him/her.

Encourage The Child – Help child stay positive which will help in dealing with exam stress. Recognize the strengths and weakness of the child which will guide you to learn how to encourage them right. The encouragement to do good in exam is positive and reassure that you are always with him/her to support and should keep the encouragement going.

Exercise And Play - Fresh air helps enhance their energy levels and can do a lot to help children handle exam stress, it can provide the with a better and sweeter aura. For a good re-charging of the mind and body, allow the child to have a leisurely workout, playtime, reading time, TV watching time or small outing. A refreshment eases stress and increases concentration and memory power.

Listen To Your Child – One of the best thing a parent can do is listen to their child and help them talk about how they feel with support and avoid criticism. Be gentle and affectionate while listening to your child, by listening and supporting you are helping him/her.

Helpline- If your child is facing exam phobia or is being the exam stress is quite high because of which is overly quiet or refuses to appear for the exams, cannot handle the exam pressure then there is no other option but to meet a counsellor. 

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

AICTE Has Recommended Different Nomenclatures For Engineering Courses

A condemnatory report against the All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE) by a state-level expert committee says, "It is clear that there are too many inadequate institutes with innumerable programmes and considerable examples of misleading nomenclatures.”

The calculation says that India has 234 degree and 399 diploma engineering courses. "It is unfavorable that the AICTE has approved different nomenclatures for basic engineering courses and increased the number of undergraduate engineering programmes, which is reminiscent of the ruination of engineering education," the report says.

Entered as separate courses in ACITE handbook are electrical and electronics engineering, electrical engineering, electrical and power engineering, electrical and electronics (power system). The committee has proposed that the courses will be offered as one programme, i.e. electrical engineering.

It is stated that there are 42 degree programmes in electrical engineering and electronics all with foreign nomenclature, which reveal that these have been created for the ease of private institutes.
A member of the committee said that “A new college has to start with a minimum student absorption of 300, distributed equally among five branches. Different nomenclatures benefit predominated institutes that want only popular disciplines,”

In a report it is said that “In India, more diploma holders are granted to seek degree programmes to fill vacancies and more management institutes are created to provide a channel to the increasing number of unemployable engineering graduates. As there are no corresponding opportunities in the manufacturing sector, the higher education system produces pools of ill-trained, unemployable professionals going for poorly paid jobs.”

Monday, February 10, 2014

Engineering Colleges Announces M-Tech Admissions Open For Academic Year - 2014-15

The engineering colleges has announced the M.TechAdmissions for the academic year 2014-15, with a rise in students seeking to appear for an entrance test in order to be eligible for the M.Tech courses in computer engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering and more.

The M.Tech programmes are developed in the context to meet the growing need for professionals who would be able to respond to the convergence between technology and communication. The main focus is to provide students with a robust understanding of the applications of Information and Communication Technology. The programmes are appropriate for graduates from engineering, science or other pertinent subjects with an interest in pursuing a successful career in research, technological development and management, to get a strong awareness of the impact on the environment of using non sustainable technologies.

The courses in M-Tech, provides you with opportunities to learn about other latest technologies, energy sector economics, supply chain management and sustainable development, to further broaden your relevant knowledge.

The main objective of the academic program is to give students in-depth knowledge to build a professional career oriented towards research and development, working at the cutting edge of technology in the area of Information and Communication Technology and also to prepare them in facing the challenges of managing the changing energy business paradigms and energy markets.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Admission Helpline Prepare For Your Future Education

Admission decisions are not an easy step to take, it depends on the student's comprehensive profile. The best solution is the admission counseling websites that contain a wealth of information and instructions on how to get admission.

AdmissionHelpline is one of the solution provider for you admission related problem and help you get information on colleges and universities. The applicant is provided with specialized services from start to finish. Committed to deliver excellent results for the students and through admission assistance services and counseling.

We as the leading service provider for the students who are seeking admission in colleges, provide the highest levels of personal integrity and providing a working environment built on respect, openness and transparency of communication. Aims at facilitating and promoting studies in emerging areas of higher education in the field of Engineering, Hotel Management, Law, B.Tech, M.Tech, Computer Applications, Medical, Business Administration (Management), with focus on professional education and to achieve excellence in these fields. Provide students with complete guidance of professional courses with a uniform quality of information is being provided. We will listen to your troubles and help you in gaining your own perspicacity, thereby enabling you to resolve your issues.

Our efforts is to gain admission to the best college with proficiency coupled with enthusiasm, right knowledge and focused venture.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Admission Helpline Guiding You To Towards Your Future

Admission Helpline is a solution for all your admission related needs by providing complete in-depth career counseling for different courses, which will be of enormous help for the students in achieving their goals. Our advising services are for college students who are seeking admission in colleges.

Provide students with complete guidance of professional courses and all the information regarding courses, college details, application form, entrance exam, admission dates, etc. Also provide education loan, resume building, interview tips, personality development, communication skills, etc.

Offers access to the counseling sessions throughout the entire application process to help you select colleges and choose the best career so that you succeed in your life.

The courses offered across segments like Engineering, Hotel Management, Law, B.Tech, M.Tech, Computer Applications, Medical, Business Administration (Management). Our aim is to give you world class education advantage through our admission guidance and consulting services. Our services will shape up the student's academic growth, self-confidence and help them in taking the informed decision about their career.

Help you unlock the doors of your career path. Feel free to discuss about your career, as we offer the best admission counseling to aspiring students.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Get Easy Admission Options

To build a successful future is the dream of every student. Several parameters are taken into consideration for executing this task with ease. Firstly, the selection of courses related to various disciplines and that are in high scope in the present. The second point to be noticed is the admission procedure or selection of college that is highly reputed in the aspects like excellent results and placement. To get easy admission options, a new approach has been undertaken whose outcome is “ADMISSION HELPLINE”. It is a website developed with the intention of resolving all the issues related to obstacles in admission.

The site provides the free registration and online/offline services. The student will enroll themselves and acquire the major benefits and the option of counseling. The website is dedicated to provide all the latest updates and information related to the Bachelor and Master Degree. The availing streams are Engineering (B.TECH & M.TECH), Business Management (BBA & MBA), Computer Application (BCA & MCA), Hotel Management, Medical and Nursing.

Not only the above facilities but the other outstanding features linked to the site are sending of E-mails and messages to the highly skilled and experienced team members committed to provide accurate and relevant information. Depended on the eligibility criteria, students may choose the colleges or universities in which they are seeking admissions.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Taking admission in a highly renowned college or university is the dream of all deserving aspirants for climbing the ladder of success. The major question that comes to mind of mostly students is the search and selection of a perfect education center. To provide this complex situation an easy and right way, a new web portal Admission Helpline has been introduced by Brainguru Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to deal with all the admission related issues in an effective manner. After deep analysis and increasing demands of academics, the idea of development takes place.

The main motive of the site is to provide best services and a list of colleges that are in high search as well as rank. Through this site, students may register themselves free and choose a place that is best suitable for them to build up a bright career. Various bachelor and master courses can be chosen from disciplines like Engineering, Business Administration (Management), Computer Application, Hotel Management, Arts & Science, Medical and Law.

The procedure of application involves several steps like registration (free), log in to account and take some helpful guidelines from a team of experts that may be of vast importance for the future as well as career perspectives.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

To get opportunity to take addmission in best colleges

     The engineering approach uses technology and scientific techniques and methods to improve the quality of our lives, both economically and socially. Engineering demands teamwork, initiative, research and analytical skills. It involves communicating with end-user customers to ensure that they gain maximum benefit from engineering solutions.
     The Institute offers a 5 year Dual Degree programme (DD) in all Engineering departments. This programme is the Bachelor and Master degree combined together. That means that upon successful completion of the necessary academic requirements, a student is awarded two degrees:
    The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) course is taught with specialised and in depth knowledge in International Business, Marketing, Information Systems, Finance, Tourism and Human Resources Management.
    Admission Helpline provide assistance in getting admission in UGC Recognized MBA/PGDM.Admission In The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) course is taught with specialized For More Details Visit At Or Contact Us At : +91 - 8800700773

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

B.Tech Admission Helpline 2013

The engineering approach uses technology and scientific techniques and methods to improve the quality of our lives, both economically and socially. Engineering demands teamwork, initiative, research and analytical skills. It involves communicating with end-user customers to ensure that they gain maximum benefit from engineering solutions.
The 4-year programme comprises 8 semesters. The courses are categorized into:
Programme Core (Humanities, Social Sciences & Management (to gain interdisciplinary knowledge)
Professional Core (to gain proficiency in domain area)
Mathematics & Sciences (for analytical ability)
Professional Electives (for specialization in an industry-specific domain)
R&D Project (to inculcate a strong research bent of mind)
Open Elective (for student to orient himself towards his professional interests)
Branches Of Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
Information Technology (IT).
Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE).
Mechanical Engineering (ME) .
Civil Engineering (CE).
Mechanical & Automation Engineering (MAE)

The Institute offers a 5 year Dual Degree programme (DD) in all Engineering departments. This programme is the Bachelor and Master degree combined together. That means that upon successful completion of the necessary academic requirements, a student is awarded two degrees.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Career and Admissions in engineering through Admission Helpline

Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning." Contact us @ 8010007799 for career and admissions in engineering through management quota

Looking for opportunities to learn and grow professionally? We provide career and admissions in engineering through management quota. Engineers and other technical professionals weren't always seen as having the nation's coolest jobs. But those days have passed. Perhaps Steve Jobs and his legacy can take credit, but working in engineering, computer science and many other traditionally careers is the new rave. Software engineers are the rock stars of today's working world, and even computer systems analysts and web developers can claim some of that recognition, since the demand for IT pros is so deep.”All thanks to our engineers for making our life so comfortable.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Engineering Admissions 2013

Engineering Admissions 2013 deals with the modalities of the admission procedure for the undergraduate programmes in Engineering in the state of Gujarat. Since the state has opted for the JEE Main as the common entrance for engineering admissions, all aspirants have to appear for JEE Main to apply for the Gujarat Engineering Admissions 2013 Counselling. Applications are online and are for those students who have valid JEE Main scores.

Exam Name: Engineering Admissions 2013

Commonly called as: Engineering Admissions

Exam Type: UG Entrance Exam

Exam Category:State Level

Conducting Institute:Admission Committee for Professional Courses, Commissionerate of Technical Education

About Admission:

The Admission Committee for Professional Courses,  has specified that the admissions to the various undergraduate engineering courses will be on the basis of the JEE Main scores and the marks in the class XII in the ration 60:40 for the year 2013 onwards.

Gujarat Engineering AdmissionsEligibility Criteria:

Candidate must pass final exam of 10+2 from the Gujarat State Board or an equivalent recognized board,with a minimum of 45% (SC/ST 40%)

Candidates must have appeared in JEE Main and scored the qualifying marks

Gujarat Engineering AdmissionsPaper Pattern:There is no exam for Gujarat Admissions. Students must prepare for JEE Main

Gujarat Engineering AdmissionsApplication process:

Click hereto apply online using JEE Main Roll No

Application fee can be paid via:Prospectus and Pin have to be purchased from the specified PNB Bank branches.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Taking Admission in Graduate college is something that requires deep thinking and a lot of research.

Taking admission in any graduate school is not the thing that you should take lightly. It is something that requires a lot of patience and ample amount of time to ponder, so that at the end of the day you should not feel guilty of your decision. It requires a major contribution intellectually, socially and emotionally. It is advisable to take almost a year to do your research and prepare your applications.

When you are seeking admission to any graduate school you should get alert two years ahead of time. Now the question comes to your mind “why two years?”. Two years is an ample amount of time to take such a decision. Yes, two years because graduate schools start accepting applications one year in advance before the intended start date. In order that you have enough time to analyze all the information you have received and read, and get gratified by yourself, you need at least this amount of time to gather all the information and do the required research.

You should not select your graduate school only on the basis of factors that the institute comes in the top institutes of your town, or it is ranked in the top five institutes, the institute is own by some famed personality, etc. It is the question of your career and you should be practical enough to take the right decision for you. You should pay a visit to the campus either virtually or personally, you should contact current students or alumni and have asked their student experience in the college, you should have thoroughly analyzed the curriculum and faculty.

To avoid the havoc of completing the form at the last moment, you should have completed the admission form at least 10 days in advance, so that you have enough time to review it and make sure that you have provided all the required information, everything is in order and you gratify all the requirements and all the things are in the order the application demands. If you don't keep enough time, before filling the application then there are some problems that may arise due to filling the form in a hurry. It may happen that the form have typos and grammatical errors, some questions are not fully answered, admission fee was not submitted, the form was for some other college, resume was not uploaded, entire section of the online application form was left blank and many more.

By taking the appropriate time to fill the application and reviewing the information provided you are ensuring that the admission committee is focusing on the information you have provided and not on your mistakes and once you got enrolled, you will be confident that you have made the best choice for your graduation school.