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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wise Advice Tips For Parents To Handle Exam Stress Among Children

No parents likes to see his/her child in stress. How your child experiences these stress and fear may be based on his age and he/she need to learn how to deal with those feelings in a positive way.

If your child is facing an exam phobia, then its parents responsibilities to cope with their child's stress and fear of examination. Parents should be supportive and calm to deal with their child's fear and should confront their own fears as wells.

Many parents are at the stage to decide how best they can help their children manage stress and and make sure that they don't crumble under the pressure and do their best in exams.

Here are some tips to tackle stress:

Calm Down – For parents its normal to get anxious and worry for their child but its necessary to stay calm as the anger can affect the morale of the child. The best way is to remain calm & supportive and don't let your anxiety onto the child. Just provide them with a conducive and calm environment and let your child know that you are with him/her.

Encourage The Child – Help child stay positive which will help in dealing with exam stress. Recognize the strengths and weakness of the child which will guide you to learn how to encourage them right. The encouragement to do good in exam is positive and reassure that you are always with him/her to support and should keep the encouragement going.

Exercise And Play - Fresh air helps enhance their energy levels and can do a lot to help children handle exam stress, it can provide the with a better and sweeter aura. For a good re-charging of the mind and body, allow the child to have a leisurely workout, playtime, reading time, TV watching time or small outing. A refreshment eases stress and increases concentration and memory power.

Listen To Your Child – One of the best thing a parent can do is listen to their child and help them talk about how they feel with support and avoid criticism. Be gentle and affectionate while listening to your child, by listening and supporting you are helping him/her.

Helpline- If your child is facing exam phobia or is being the exam stress is quite high because of which is overly quiet or refuses to appear for the exams, cannot handle the exam pressure then there is no other option but to meet a counsellor. 

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