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Monday, February 10, 2014

Engineering Colleges Announces M-Tech Admissions Open For Academic Year - 2014-15

The engineering colleges has announced the M.TechAdmissions for the academic year 2014-15, with a rise in students seeking to appear for an entrance test in order to be eligible for the M.Tech courses in computer engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering and more.

The M.Tech programmes are developed in the context to meet the growing need for professionals who would be able to respond to the convergence between technology and communication. The main focus is to provide students with a robust understanding of the applications of Information and Communication Technology. The programmes are appropriate for graduates from engineering, science or other pertinent subjects with an interest in pursuing a successful career in research, technological development and management, to get a strong awareness of the impact on the environment of using non sustainable technologies.

The courses in M-Tech, provides you with opportunities to learn about other latest technologies, energy sector economics, supply chain management and sustainable development, to further broaden your relevant knowledge.

The main objective of the academic program is to give students in-depth knowledge to build a professional career oriented towards research and development, working at the cutting edge of technology in the area of Information and Communication Technology and also to prepare them in facing the challenges of managing the changing energy business paradigms and energy markets.

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