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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

B.Tech Admission Helpline 2013

The engineering approach uses technology and scientific techniques and methods to improve the quality of our lives, both economically and socially. Engineering demands teamwork, initiative, research and analytical skills. It involves communicating with end-user customers to ensure that they gain maximum benefit from engineering solutions.
The 4-year programme comprises 8 semesters. The courses are categorized into:
Programme Core (Humanities, Social Sciences & Management (to gain interdisciplinary knowledge)
Professional Core (to gain proficiency in domain area)
Mathematics & Sciences (for analytical ability)
Professional Electives (for specialization in an industry-specific domain)
R&D Project (to inculcate a strong research bent of mind)
Open Elective (for student to orient himself towards his professional interests)
Branches Of Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
Information Technology (IT).
Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE).
Mechanical Engineering (ME) .
Civil Engineering (CE).
Mechanical & Automation Engineering (MAE)

The Institute offers a 5 year Dual Degree programme (DD) in all Engineering departments. This programme is the Bachelor and Master degree combined together. That means that upon successful completion of the necessary academic requirements, a student is awarded two degrees.

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